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About US

Our goal is to provide the best customer service without any delays in processing your PCAs Checks.

The Stavros FI office is located at 210 Old Farm Rd in Amherst, MA.

We are open 9 to 5 Monday through Friday of every week, excluding major holidays. For holidays, please refer to your schedules.

Currently, the Stavros FI program works with AdLib, Center for Living and Working (CLW), Northeast ILC (NILP), Stavros CIL, and Independence Associates (IA).

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Contacting Stavros Fiscal Intermediary Office

Contact us by E-mail here

Fiscal Intermediary Phone Numbers

(413) 256-6692, (800) 442-1185

FI Fax Numbers:
(413) 256-3849, (888) 773-4281

Fiscal Intermediary Office Mailing Address

Stavros FI
PO Box 2130
Amherst, MA 01004

Other Stavros Offices Information


Main Office (Amherst):
Springfield Office:
Greenfield Office:
210 Old Farm Rd
Amherst, MA 01002
Telephone: (413) 256-0473
Fax: (413) 256-0190
227 Berkshire Ave
Springfield, MA 01109
Telephone: (413) 781-5555
Fax: (413) 733-5473
55 Federal St, Suite 210
Greenfield, MA 01301
Telephone: (413) 774-3001
Fax: (413) 772-2556





PCA Union Contact Information:


108 Myrtle St
Quincy, MA 02171
Telephone: (877) 409-1199

FI Notes

Online Timesheet Portal

Did you know that you can send in your timesheets to us electronically?  At Stavros F.I. – we have a portal available to allow both the Consumer and the PCA to enter the current payroll information and submit to us for processing.  Both the Consumer and the PCA will have to have internet access and email accounts to be able to use this method of submitting timesheets.  Through the portal you can also view your prior authorization information with your remaining hours as well as timesheets that have previously been paid. If you want to find out more on how to be able to use this method, please click here. Videos on how to use the portal can be found in our Important Links section here. Once you have completed reading the instructions and are ready to sign up please click here to download the sign up form.

Direct Deposit

Starting January 1, 2017  PCAs can no longer get paper pay checks and must either have direct deposit to their bank accounts or use debit cards. PCAs who need to set up direct deposits to their bank accounts must complete a direct deposit form and submit it with supporting documentation. The 1199SEIU offers PCAs a debit card through Green Dot. Information about this debit card can be found here. Please go to if you wish to sign up for this card. The bank account or the debit card can only be under the PCA's name and cannot have the consumer/s or the surrogate's name on them. Please submit the necessary forms as soon as possible to prevent any delays. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at (413) 256-6692 or (800) 442-1185.

Overtime and Travel Time

The U.S. Department of Labor recently issued a Final Rule revising the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA). This ruling will grant PCAs, who work over 40 hours per week, overtime pay starting January 1, 2016. Overtime will be paid separately from a PCAs normal paycheck and be mailed directly to the PCA. Please make sure that we have an up to date address on file for all PCAs to avoid delays in receiving this check. PCAs may also be eligible for Travel Time pay for same day commutes between consumers' homes. Travel Time paychecks will also be sent directly to a PCAs address. We recommend that PCAs set up Direct Deposit to receive both their paycheck and overtime/travel times check. Please review the MassHealth notice to Consumers and PCAs for more information.

Starting September 1, 2016 MassHealth began a new overtime management program for PCAs. PCAs are no longer allowed to work over 50 hours per week for one or more MassHealth members unless their consumer(s) receive special authorization from MassHealth to do so. Please review the bulletin issued by MassHealth for the new overtime regulations and the letters sent to consumers by MassHealth in English and Spanish. MassHealth also sent notifications to PCAs regarding overtime managment. The letters sent by MassHealth can be found here in English and here in Spanish.

Earned Sick Time

Effective July 1, 2015 PCAs will be able to earn sick time hours. A PCA will be eligible to earn 1 hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked starting from their first day of work. Use of this sick time can begin 90 days after their first day of work. A separate timesheet has been created to submit sick time hours. These hours cannot be submitted on a standard timesheet. Please refer to the Consumer Memo (English) or Consumer Memo (Spanish) and PCA Memo sent out by MassHealth for the rules and regulations. Addition information can be found at . PCAs can view their earned sick time on-line at Instructions on accessing and using the sick time portal can be found here.

PCA Orientation

PCAs hired after January 1, 2014 and who are brand new to the MassHealth PCA program, must complete the paid 3-hour PCA New Hire Orientation requirement within 6 months from their date of hire. New PCAs who fail to complete the Orientation within the six months, will have an after-tax payroll deduction equal to two dollars ($2.00) per hour will applied until such time as they complete the Orientation program.

If the New PCA completes the Orientation within 2 months of their 6 month anniversary date, the payroll deductions will cease and all accumulated deductions will be returned. If the New PCA completes the Orientation after 8 months of the date of hire and submits the correct paperwork, the payroll deductions will cease but they will forfeit all accumulated deductions.

Orientations may be given by the consumer or the PCA can attend an orientation session with the Homecare Training Benefit (HTB). PCAs who will attend an orientation session with the HTB will need to call (877) 409-8283 to schedule a time.

A consumer who wishes to do the orientation with their PCA must submit a completed Consumer Options Notice to Stavros Fiscal. The consumer must submit a Consumer Options Notice for each PCA they wish to complete the orientation with. The Consumer Options Notice will be included with the notification sent to the consumer once an orientation eligible PCA is hired and with the notice sent 1 month prior to the PCA sanctions beginning if the orientation has not been completed. Consumers should contact Stavros FI to obtain a Consumer Options Notice if needed. The consumer will need to select whether they want paper materials sent to them or to do it online. For those requesting paper materials, Stavros will notify the HTB for them to be mailed. The consumer will receive the materials 4-6 weeks after this request is made. Materials can only be used for the PCA they were requested for.

A consumer choosing the online option must do it together with their PCA. They will have to complete a Consumer Options Notice and return it to Stavros Fiscal. You will need to complete a Consumer Options Notice for each PCA that will go through the online orientation. Usernames are only valid for the PCA assigned to it. They cannot be used to complete the orientation with another PCA. Once we received the Consumer Options Notice back, we will then set up the consumer and PCA on the website. After this process is complete, the consumer and PCA have access to the website . An email (if on file) notification and letter will be mailed to the consumer when the set up is complete. Please contact Stavros Fiscal if you need a Consumer Options Notice. Please allow two weeks from returning the form for the set up process to be completed. Please click here for instructions on completing the online new hire PCA orientation

If you are unsure if your PCA needs to complete an orientation, please contact Stavros Fiscal prior to beginning the orientation. Only eligible PCAs, who have not completed the orientation in the past, can be paid for completing it.

If you feel you have an orientation notification in error, please contact us at Stavros Fiscal (800) 442-1185 or by email.


Schedules for 2019 can be found in the forms section of our website. Please be sure to select the appropriate schedule for your consumer number.

Stavros FI uses Eastern Bank. If you are wondering where the closest Eastern Bank is to you, please click here and enter your zip code to find the nearest location. A list of all Eastern Bank locations can be found here.

Please continue mailing or faxing your timesheets to the Stavros FI office so we have them in our office no later than Tuesday at noon to avoid delays with your PCA's checks.

PCAs are required to have "direct deposit" for their payments to their checking account, savings account, or debit card. To prevent any delays, please included a completed direct deposit form with proof of account, attached with a PCAs new hire paperwork.

All new PCA hires are required by law to be verified against the database found on the Office of Inspector General (OIG) website. Any individual found on the OIG list will be ineligible to work as a PCA. We urge you to check any potential new hire against the OIG database. This database can be found here. You may also choose to call our Customer Service Department for help.